I don’t mind admitting that this past year has made me overly sensitive and just a bit more judgmental.

Under stress, our differences seem to be exaggerated which causes more stress.

So… let’s dig in and see why this is the case and what can we do about it.

Look around at the people in your life. Who is driving you crazy?

Who is Driving you Crazy and Why?
Who is Driving you Crazy and Why?

Maybe it’s some random stranger on a WhatsApp group, maybe it’s your partner or maybe it’s your best friend.⁠

We each see the world differently.

Why…? Because we are all different. One of the differences is that we have our own unique set of natural strengths.

I’m naturally great at one thing and you are naturally great at something else.

Depending on what strengths we have determines how the world looks.

Someone with the strength of communication would find it easy to talk to a stranger. And may form a judgement of a person they meet that didn’t respond with such enthusiasm to a stranger talking to them.

By contrast someone who is naturally gifted at deep thinking may frown upon someone who jumps in with an answer without giving much consideration to their answer.

Next time someone drives you crazy take a minute to consider that they probably have a strength you don’t have. And they are using it right now which is annoying you.

Trying to figure out what their illusive strength is can be quite hard.

Because we only see the world through our own ‘strengths lens’. And it is easy to think our way is the right way.

How to figure out other’s strengths

Imagine that special someone is driving your crazy…

Then let’s start from the assumption that people are not usually trying to be annoying on purpose.

Instead let’s imagine they are at least 10% right in whatever they are saying or doing.

This will help to open your mind to the possibility that they could simply be coming at this situation from their own ‘strengths’ lens.

From this more open perspective you can now ask yourself what is great about this person that made them say or do this.

If nothing more…This exercise will help you feel a little less attacked and give you a chance to process.

A faster way to understand why others drive you crazy

We spend our whole lives interacting with others and there will always be people that rub us up the wrong way.

We could design our lives to avoid these people.

But what if you wake up one day and realize you are living with one of these annoying people?

Or what if your new boss turns out to be beyond irritating?

And this is where I can help!

The fastest way to figure out who you are and why you react to others and situations is to find your strengths by taking the Clifton Strengths Assessment.

Once we know your strengths, we can also figure out exactly what triggers your stress and how to respond from a place of strength.

When I first discovered my strengths, my whole world changed. Instead of feeling as though everyone was being difficult I finally ‘got it’.

It was as if I had been handed a new pair of glasses to see the world through. Everything was now crystal clear.

And finally

We can’t change others.

I spent years and a lot of wasted energy trying to get people to be more like me!

Understanding the strengths approach has allowed me to see how boring life would be if everyone was just like me.

Don’t waste any more time trying to change others.

Instead take the more rewarding route of learning who you are. What are your natural strengths? Why do you think, feel and do the things you do?

Let’s figure out why these people really drive you crazy.

It’s not about them. It’s about you!

If you want to figure out your strengths contact me today at gemma@gemmamcfall.com

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