Marisa (Dubai)

“Listen to Marisa’s testimonial live on Dubai Eye”


“I’ve already recommended Gemma’s coaching to a lot of people”

“I was able to get back to running. It seemed so fast and effective after dealing with the pain for 8 years”
“I felt like I could say anything to Gemma and not feel judged.”
“My personality was making the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia symptoms worse.”
“After having back pain for 11 years I’m now pain-free for a year.”
“Understanding my strengths was a game-changer when dealing with stress at work.”
“Working with Gemma has been truly life-changing for me, I can walk again.”

Hiren (UAE)

“Pain-Free in Just a Few Sessions”


“Really interactive session with so many practical takeaways”

Other Testimonials

“I want to share my incredible experience working with Gemma and how it transformed my life. For the past year, I had been suffering from pain, seeking relief from medical professionals. Then I met Gemma, and everything changed.

Gemma is an exceptional pain coach, possessing remarkable insights. Her style stems from her extensive experience, personal journey, and academic expertise. Her testimonials speak volumes about her effectiveness. Moreover, her vibrant personality and engaging conversations make working with her easy.

Thanks to Gemma, I am now pain-free, a feat I hadn’t achieved in months. It was truly revolutionary, demonstrating the power of her program. I highly recommend following in my footsteps and giving yourself the chance to be pain-free. You owe it to yourself to try Gemma’s incredible approach


Before starting the coaching sessions with Gemma I had quite severe and chronic back and hip ache. I was considering hip replacement surgery and was having very disturbed sleep.

I was very sceptical about the coaching but was encouraged to do so by my wife and son. But within 2 weeks my back and hip ache had almost completely disappeared. My walking had greatly improved. My normally positive attitude had returned and I was feeling very much more positive.

Gemma believes hugely in her ‘product’, and puts the subject matter over with tremendous knowledge and considerable enthusiasm. She has a wide variety of support material which she is keen to share and her personal experience adds considerably to her credibility.

I would most certainly recommend Gemma’s coaching, especially if you suffer from Chronic Pain or your mental well-being has been suffering due to your injury.”


When I started working with Gemma, I couldn’t walk – due to excruciating pain in my hip. While I was well versed in mind body issues, I needed the tools to handle it. Thanks to Gemma, I’m not only walking – everything in my life is better. My improved over-all self confidence, and ability to handle what comes my way, has been life-changing. I’m so grateful – so glad I took the chance to work with her.

What I’ve learned is that understanding mind-body issues, and knowing how to manage them, are completely different things. I was introduced to the concept by Dr. John Sarno, over 45 years ago. His work, at the time, was revolutionary. And while his insights are brilliant and ground breaking, he’s not really clear about what “to do” with the information. And while I’ve gotten through pain incidents in the past, I hit a road block with dealing with my hip. That’s when I discovered Gemma in an interview; I felt immediately that she was insightful, compassionate, and knew her stuff. I’m so glad I was so right!

Thanks to Gemma’s coaching, I now have strategies in place to deal with both physical pain and the mental side of things. As a result, I am physically and mentally better, more confident, and better equipped to handle whatever comes my way. I have to say Gemma’s coaching has made a difference in almost every aspect of my life.

What sets Gemma apart from other coaches is her personalized approach; what a pleasure it is to talk to “an expert” who comes across as a compassionate, real human being, who’s been “where you are” and “gets it.” She makes you feel heard and supported, which, for me, after almost a lifetime of study and coaches, has made all the difference.

I cannot recommend Gemma enough to anyone who is struggling with these issues. In fact, I already do! Her coaching has been life-changing for me, and I know it can be for others as well. If you’re considering coaching, I urge you to take the risk and give Gemma a try – I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I did!


“Aches and pains creep up on us men very quickly! The journey back to pain-free with Gemma was methodical, succinct and focussed, in every session. On realising my neck and shoulder pain was far beyond being just a physical phenomenon, Gemma made the execution and transition to health, a simple and effective journey. An incredible insight and awakening, Gemma – thankyou very much!


I was suffering from a lot of chronic pain and felt like much of it was associated with the feeling of powerlessness over certain aspects of my life.

Having worked with Gemma I feel that I’ve become more powerful over my own life. The sessions have allowed me to understand myself more fully, and in a much different (and in my opinion) better way than therapy could. I love the Strengths Training approach because it’s just a practical, positive way to look at who I am. These sessions have given me the understanding that I can lean on my strengths to help me through my work, personal, and family life, instead of dwelling on what I thought were shortcomings. It’s amazing how repeatedly bringing them to mind could alter the way I handle situations.

Not only was I able to address issues head-on, quickly, and authentically, but Gemma always gave me practical steps for handling something or had an interesting article or podcast recommendation for me, all the while being sensitive to what I was saying. I am in a much better place after our sessions. It was money well spent!

Not only is Gemma well-trained and professional, but she is just a lovely person. She has a rare combination of sensitivity and practicality.

Chana (USA)

I had a large lower back hernia, but fortunately, I was already on the mend. The pain was gradually decreasing, but I had concerns about it lingering and not fully disappearing. That’s when I received a personal recommendation for Gemma, and it made all the difference.

Gemma not only understood the pain-fear cycle, but she also helped me eliminate fear from the equation entirely. This alone greatly improved my quality of life. Working with Gemma also played a crucial role in preventing my pain from becoming chronic.

What stood out about Gemma was her kindness and approachability. I felt at ease discussing my fears with her because she had faced a similar issue herself. Her ability to relate to my struggles was incredibly reassuring.

Moreover, the homework assignments Gemma provided were incredibly useful. They complemented our sessions perfectly and aided my progress.

In summary, Gemma is a professional, kind, and warm-hearted individual. With her guidance, I am now well on my way to a complete recovery, both physically and mentally. I wholeheartedly recommend Gemma to anyone in need of expert assistance on their path to wellness.


“Coaching with Gemma has completely changed my relationship with stress. I had been struggling with insomnia for years and was desperate for relief – and sleep!”

“I sensed that the root of the problem was stress, but didn’t know where to turn. I was instantly drawn to Gemma because of her own experience with chronic stress and her warm, approachable nature.”

“Through Gemma’s insightful and intuitive coaching, I was able to shed the belief that I was broken and that my sleep would never improve. Through gentle, thorough inquiry and truly powerful visualization exercises, I started to unpack the years of stress I had been carrying that were inhibiting my ability to have a good night’s sleep.”

“In just a few sessions, I was more aligned with my strengths, and was feeling less stressed out and sleeping better than I had in years. My days are much more productive and joyful because of it.”

“Gemma is warm, empathic, and highly in tune with herself and others. This is a woman who has the lived experience of overcoming chronic stress and pain, and she exudes a passion for helping others do the same. I’m so grateful for our time together and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone suffering from chronic stress and pain.”


“Working with Gemma was just the deep dive that I had been searching for!!!”

“For so long I had been stuck in an anxiety, fear-driven way of thinking but I felt like I was fighting a monster! Through working with Gemma I began to see and understand how these patterns were formed from a self-protection mode and the crack for letting some self-compassion was opened!!!”

“I had been so hard on myself for “thinking “this way and once I understood it was just one of the many parts of me, I really began to notice a shift!”

“Gemma is a true gem and I m ever so grateful xx”

Tara Jane

“This work is absolutely brilliant. I first worked out that I had Chronic Pain due to TMS about ten years ago. Since then, I have had huge success – moving from being housebound for four years, to being able to have two children and swimming, hard and fast, every day (pandemic allowing)!!”

“I’ve worked with lots of different TMS therapists over the years, and Gemma is one of the best. Her work with the ‘Gallup Strengths’ has been absolutely life changing for me. They provide a tangible, easy to use tool for viewing yourself through the clear lens of an unbiased eye.”

“Twin this tool with Gemma’s extraordinary capacity to hear who you are and what you are saying, and its been, for me, an exquisite recipe for my own expansion, freedom and fulfillment. I am thrilled that I found Gemma and this work.”

“She showed me that I already had the wings I needed to fly…and then, once she could see that I understood that and had access to my inner resources again, she dared me to jump! I did!! And the view is….awesome.”


“Following an introduction from a friend and an introductory presentation with Gemma, I was fascinated to try and find out what my personal strengths were and how they could be used to help me during difficult times.”

“Like most people, I assumed everyone had similar inner strengths. It was enlightening to find out mine and how they could be used in both my personal and work life and how I could make more of an effort to use strengths that I had not made use of and also how I could manage others, such as empathy.”

“I would strongly recommend this course to others and also Gemma, who was very approachable, friendly and a good listener. She was clear in her explanations and helped me in realising how I could help myself.”


“I really enjoyed working with Gemma!”

“I found her exactly when I needed some help with getting back into the workforce after taking a break for a few years.”

“I was nervous, scared, and full of doubt. I realized I was not using my strengths to the fullest and Gemma showed me how to apply them not only to my job, but my entire life.”

“I still get so excited taking inventory of how I use all my strengths each day. I am so thankful for all her help and beneficial coaching sessions that have helped me get back to living my life!”


“The Strengths workshop my team did with Gemma was a game changer. Before, I thought I knew myself pretty well, but that workshop open my eyes! I discovered my top 5 strengths and learning about these strengths really helped me understand myself better and how I can use them to improve my work and personal life.

But the best part was getting to know my co-workers on a whole other level. Through the workshop, we learned about each other’s strengths and communication styles, which made it way easier to work together. Now, we’re working together better than ever before, and I feel like we really understand each other. If your team needs a boost in communication and collaboration, I highly recommend giving the Gallup Strengths workshop a try.


“I started working with Gemma because of chronic pain and subsequent anxiety and depression.”

“I very quickly really looked forward to my sessions, because I always felt brighter, and more positive afterwards. On the weeks we worked specifically on the area of pain, I found that after the sessions the pain was significantly less for the rest of that day.”

“The knowledge I gained about my strengths, and why I act and react how I do, was fascinating, and so useful. For me the most enlightening part was discovering my core beliefs, and that I could change them for beliefs I wanted.”

“Gemma is very knowledgeable, caring and fun! Some sessions were emotionally intense, but I always felt safe with Gemma. She would often message me in between sessions to see how I was and, when needed, would offer helpful support until our next meeting.”


“Realizing I need to work on myself was simply heartbreaking. But it was of the utmost importance to heal as fast as possible, otherwise, I would’ve soon started thinking I’m going crazy.”

“A month ago I was already considering giving up. I was in pain so often without any solid, logical explanation. By that time I’d spent my youth and the money, I didn’t have to find what was wrong with my body. If only I knew it was actually the mind who needed help!”

“But also one month ago I was lucky enough to have found Gemma, who introduced me to TMS. Although I am very rational, I accepted the idea right away, as I felt I was given no other choice. Modern medicine and former therapies had already failed me anyway. There was nothing to lose.”

“So I started working with her and I love it. She is highly skilled and often uses interactive tools to make me dig deep inside and find the answers I need. I won’t lie – I’m still in pain once in a while. But the intensity and the frequency are now reduced to a minimum. I can now handle the pain because Gemma taught me how to create healthy thought patterns.”

“It’s been an amazingly insightful journey and I have now evolved big time. I still have some unattended business, regrets and sorrow which can lead to a lot of stress if not dealt with. So I now realize this process of improvement will probably last for the rest of my days.”

“Here’s some advice for you in case you consider going down this road: there might some disappointment, and there might be anger. In fact, you might find yourself on a roller coaster of emotions.”

“But have faith in the methods she’s using and please know the outcome is more than worth it.”


“After doing the Clifton Strengths assessment and have some very useful coaching sessions with Gemma, it all came clearer why some things drain me and other things lift me up. And most important: how to find the things that lift me up.”

“I have had a burn-out, pretty serious and it took me some years to find my energy back. Most important now is to keep this energy. Gemma helped me find a new way of living, being in my full energy and enjoying life.”


“I was referred to Gemma after spending 12 weeks with a cast on my foot.”

“After the cast was removed I continued to have pain despite all tests showing my foot had healed. The pain inhibited my walking for any distance and time.”

“I had weekly sessions with Gemma during which she introduced me to TMS.”

“Gemma was encouraging during the sessions as well as keeping in touch via emails.”

“She provided several resources including Podcasts, videos and online programs about TMS.”

“The bottom line? I no longer experience foot pain. I am jogging at least 30 minutes daily.”

“I am deeply grateful for Gemma’s help and coaching.”

Mary Lee

“I had the chance to do several coaching session with Gemma while I was in a difficult stage of my life. Gemma was able to tailor perfectly all the exercises and techniques to my needs which were impressive as we certainly covered a vast array of topics.”

“Gemma was by my side, making sure I felt very supported or challenged when required. I certainly recommend Gemma as a coach.”


I have really enjoyed coaching with Gemma!

She has helped me to discover my top strengths and how I can use them to my advantage. We started with strength-based coaching but in the end, the coaching was so much more and deeper than that.

Thanks to Gemma, I have managed to reduce my stress level and remove body pain in just one session!


“Working with Gemma has been a thought-provoking, insightful, and rewarding experience!”

“When I first reached out to Gemma, there were a few specific areas that I was keen on improving. After just three sessions, not only did she help me navigate those areas better, but she enabled me to understand certain aspects of my personality better that I simply hadn’t thought of before (and I’m quite a self-aware person, so this took me by surprise in the best way possible!).”

“In addition to this, as a young entrepreneur, I’m constantly dealing with new scenarios that I’m sometimes unsure how to navigate––Gemma provided me with very practical tips and tricks on how tackle each one of these situations.”

“Finally, Gemma is incredibly supportive and motivating. She not only helped me visualize my goals for the future, but she has made me believe that I can achieve them all, and I have therefore left these sessions with a renewed sense of drive and direction.”


“I’ve had pain for 10 years in my lower back and I was starting to feel desperate.”

“I joined Gemma’s group course on the back of a recommendation from a friend and the knowledge I’ve gained has changed my life for the better.”

“Understanding more about pain pathways and the mindbody connection gave an instant lightness to the pain. I’ve known for the past 4 to 5 years that my pain was emotional but I didn’t really understand what to do with this knowledge or how to get rid of the pain.”

“This course has given me a real lightbulb moment and I’m now on the right path to healing.”


“I injured my hamstrings several years ago, and the resulting pain prevented me from most physical fitness, including running, my favourite outlet.”

“I tried massage, chiropractors, and even acupuncture, but nothing brought me relief. I’m so grateful that Gemma introduced me to the mind-body connection.”

“It never occurred to me that my debilitating pain was a result of psychosomatic symptoms. I began running slowly after just a week of coaching and journaling exercises and was soon able to return to running a few days a week. I wish I’d explored this option first rather than as a “last resort”!”


“I felt very positive after our 2-day group strength training sessions with Gemma. Gemma is genuine and approachable in her style – she uses personal and real anecdotes in her training sessions, making the concepts feel very relatable.”

“Strength Training allowed us to identify our talents and be able to identify when to use them like reaching for the right tools in a tool box. I began to find that day to day challenges, small or large, no longer seemed insurmountable. I am able to hone in on my strengths to have control over how I choose to tackle challenges/projects. As a relationship person I also wish I had known about strength training earlier in life!”

“Learning about Clifton Strengths also allows you to better navigate relationships with others who are likely leading with a different set of talents than your own. The sessions have continued to benefit me and I highly recommend them!”


“My sessions with Gemma changed my life. The work began with some resistance. Even though I was curious, open and applied, a part of me remained defiant and skeptic. Thanks to her resilience, patience and softness (a brilliant combination of qualities and strengths for a coach), Gemma helped me release outdated beliefs about my self and my career. (“Work should feel hard”, “I am not disciplined enough” ). Beliefs that bogged me down and insidiously impaired my efficiency.”

“The thing to know is this… While there is an immediate result and satisfaction after the first sessions (namely that of knowing and understanding oneself better), the real effect comes months later. A year to be exact. Once the success I had longed for actually materialised, I began to want to go deeper. As if the manifestation of desired results had given me the motivation and leverage to now seek the deeper causes behind my various blockages in order to reach a general and sustainable wellbeing. That’s when the real work began for me and even more satisfying results occurred: release and relief. I highly recommend it.”


“What I loved about Strength Training with Gemma, is that through subtle but highly effective coaching, I was finally giving myself permission to actually be my Strengths, own them, and stop downplaying them. There were so many “A-ha” moments during the training, but alongside those, it also throws up so many questions and queries. Having Gemma alongside us, with her boundless enthusiasm and positivity, to support and explain things, really meant I could maximise my understanding and therefore utilise my Strengths with more confidence and ease.”

“The Group sessions are also invaluable, for giving you insight into the nature of other people’s Strengths. Its made me less judgemental, towards both myself and others, hence close relationships of all natures can only benefit.”

“I am really looking forward to continuing with Gemma, on the Parenting Strength Training, it’s been a revelation. Big thanks Gemma for bringing so much energy, positivity, clarity and understanding to such a wonderful process.”


in my lower back. I could go a year with no pain, then for months at a time I’d be in agony having trips to the chiropractor and physio. I’d also recently had a spinal injection but felt little relief from it. I felt I had nowhere else to go apart from more injections or even surgery, so I had nothing to lose by signing up for Gemma’s course.”

“After a couple of sessions, I felt like a whole new person, knowing that the pain was being triggered by me and my surroundings. Gemma looks deep into who we are as a person and gives us tools to be able to control how stress ‘triggers’ affect us and our pain. Having that power over our pain is eye-opening.”

“I loved every session we did. Gemma is a warm and caring person who gives a wealth of knowledge. Each session felt like you were chatting with a friend rather than a coach/ trainer. I would recommend this course to anyone who suffers from chronic pain.”


“Gemma has been coaching me on numerous occasions regarding kick-starting my project. From the onset, Gemma manages to ask you thought-provoking questions which make you prioritise and process what’s important to you. She is professional & friendly and I always look forward to my session with her.”

“At the end I am always feeling invigorated, refreshed and incredibly motivated to work on my project! I also always leave with strong actionables and ideas to enact. Thank you so much Gemma for being my inspiration! I would recommend your coaching to anyone.”


“I liked the coaching sessions as it allowed me to deeply think about myself. I learned that the more aware I am on my reactions I am on the right track to achieve what I want. I did not experience any judgment and this is very important when you open yourself to someone.”

“Gemma has a very positive attitude, always focused and with great listening and communication skills. She has a lot of passion in coaching and a strong sense of quality in her work.”


“Gemma’s relaxed but attentive coaching approach put me at ease quickly even via Skype.”

“She used various exercises to help me understand my strengths and more importantly how my key strengths work well and not so well together. Realizing that my greatest strengths can often times also be triggers to stress was a game changer.”

“It’s such an interesting topic and so useful when you see it come to life at home and in the workplace. Really looking forward to the next session…”

“Learning my triggers to stress was a game changer”


“I was going through some personal issues and was advised by my sisters that I should speak to a therapist about my concerns. Around the same time, I met Gemma and when I found out that she was a coach, i had instantaneously asked if she could help me out. It was the best impromptu decision I had made because coaching under Gemma (as cliched as it may sound) changed my life! We discovered what was the root cause of the issue I had and how to handle and deal with there-forth. She did this by intently understanding my issues and thereafter made me think and answer, with the questions and suggestions she posed, on how it can be solved and how I can move forward, positively.”

“To be honest, I was apprehensive at the start about how this coaching would go, as I had not opened to anyone nor seek any professional help for it, but Gemma made it so easy to talk to. It was her warmness and her way of making me feel comfortable right throughout that helped me to talk about it and I remember feeling so much happier and lighter after the session was done.”

“One month after the session I can say how, with the help of creating “ a toolbox”, my approach towards things have changed drastically. I am ever so grateful I came across this amazing coach that I have recommended her to all my friends and family on how they should all try her out.”


“I went through the unfortunate experience of being made redundant from my offshore role halfway through my Strengths Training sessions with Gemma. Fortunately, the coaching I had already received allowed me to transition through the event with positivity and anticipation for how I would use my talents to move forward and explore new career opportunities.”

“I found the discovery and confirmation of my talents gave me a real boost, and even just the knowledge of having these tools gave me the confidence to seek out possibilities that I may have otherwise been sceptical of.”

“Thank you Gemma for helping me to unpack my magic tool kit!”


“Gemma’s program on Managing Stress through Strengths is nothing but a must-do for anyone looking to enhance team productivity and enthusiasm levels. This program not only enhances individuals self-awareness levels and efficiency. It also allows for the team as a whole to develop a highly meaningful connect and paves the path to bring out the best of the team under any circumstances.”

“Each session was well organized and delivered in a manner which captured the attention and thoughts of individuals of varied mindsets. It was indeed a delightful experience to be part of the program and a definite stress buster. A MUST DO for any for anyone looking to enhance your team dynamics and drive productivity even in turbulent times.”


“When I started on this unknown venture of Strength training I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I would get out of it, but it has been an amazing journey so far.”

“At first I felt I was struggling with seeing the positives on all of my characteristics and “talents” but with Gemma’s guidance, and positive support and by delving deeper into the Gallup strengths explanations, I now feel it’s opened my eyes, on how these talents (which I didn’t even realise I had or know how to utilise) can be developed to create positive outcomes for myself along with seeing how I can use them to help and influence others in my work and home life.”

“Doing the training in a group environment has really brought it home to me how different peoples characters and strengths are and that actually it’s great to be surrounded by such contrasting and dynamic people.”

“Thanks again Gemma to leading the way to all the “light bulb” moments!”


“I recently completed a group class with Gemma, wasn’t sure what to expect. I wanted a reset button to re-find myself. Gemma helped me accomplish all of this and more.”

“She helped break “it” all down and find the right tools to utilize my strengths on a daily basis. Her positivity and honesty enabled me to move past the trailing spouse, wife, and mom labels. Now, I am using my strengths daily; my family is communicating better and we are having more laughter. This course has been a game changer in my expat life.”