Having overcome a decade of chronic back pain,

She now lives… Pain-Free

She can help you in adopting a practical, science-based method to live without stress, anxiety or chronic pain, allowing you to fully enjoy your life once again.

Read more about Gemma’s journey below.


Meet Gemma, a dynamic individual who has spent years on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. She’s been on the go, prioritizing others’ needs over her own, often unsure how to unwind during rare moments of respite.

In the face of constant stress and enduring a decade of intense back pain, Gemma persevered through failed medications, ineffective spinal injections, and the looming fear of a life bound to a wheelchair. But here’s the incredible part—she emerged on the other side stronger than ever before.

Gemma is a Certified PCC, ICF Coach, A Gallup Strengths Coach and is the only SIRPA Trained Practitioner of Mindbody Healing in the Middle East and a Pain Reprocessing Therapist. Beyond her professional achievements, she’s a proud wife, a mother nurturing two young minds, and a British expat who embodies resilience. Today, she stands as living proof that healing is not just a possibility, but a reality. Her days are now filled with energetic pursuits such as running, cycling, and swimming—a testament to her thriving and active lifestyle.

Gemma’s mission is to share her remarkable journey and guide you towards uncovering your own strengths. She’ll empower you to rewrite negative thought patterns, bid farewell to frustration, and alleviate pain. While you excel at taking on the world and tending to others’ needs, Gemma believes it’s your time to shine.

Curious if Gemma is the right coach for you? Allow her to shed light on her values, which revolve around health, authenticity, meaningful human connections, creating impact, personal growth, and fostering a sense of community.

Should you find resonance in these values and seek a dedicated companion for your voyage of self-improvement, reach out to Gemma today. Embark on this transformative journey together!