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Gemma McFall


I’m Gemma, and I’ve been on quite an adventure.

Picture this… I was working long hours in a Senior Leadership role, becoming a new Mum, was living an as Expatriate, and dealing with excruciating back pain for 10 years.

I was bounced around specialists, had numerous MRI scans, daily medication, spinal injections, osteopath treatments, hours of physiotherapy, I took more medication than I would like to admit and spent a fortune on fancy pillows, mattresses, shoes and back supports.

My life got smaller as the pain increased and as a result I gradually lost my identity and became easily irritable.

I also went through the cycle of having hope that a new treatment would work only to be disappointed when I was left in pain.


Just before I was about to undergo spinal surgery I discovered the mind-body approach to pain recovery. I threw myself into learning everything I could and applied the techniques that I learnt and I was soon pain free.

It totally changed my life.

I promised myself that if I could recover myself, I’d help others do the same.

And since that day…. I’ve learned a lot along the way:

  • Pain Reprocessing Therapist (PRT)
  • SIRPA UK Chronic Pain Practitioner
  • ICF, Certified Professional Coach
  • Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
  • Laughter Yoga Enthusiast 🤣


I’ve been through the journey you’re about to embark on, so I really do get it…

Now… I’m here to be your guide.

Because it’s time for you to be happy and pain free


Work With Me

Private Coaching

Explore personalized pathways to pain relief. Whether you seek a one-time consultation or an ongoing coaching package, i'm here to support your journey toward overcoming persistent pain, specifically from neural pathway pain.

Corporate Solutions

Enhance your team's well-being with our tailored 60-90 minute wellness workshops, focused on managing stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. Designed to meet your business's unique needs, we offer both in-person and online sessions to fit your preferred setting.

Keynote speaking

I offer engaging guest appearances on podcasts and radio shows, discussing a range of wellness topics. My participation helps spread useful health insights and promote better living for diverse audiences.

Adults globally suffer from chronic pain
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Billion due to lost productivity each year
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Total cost of healthcare for chronic pain billion annually
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Reviews From Clients


    Professional Dancer

    When I started working with Gemma, I couldn’t walk – due to excruciating pain in my hip. Thanks to Gemma, I’m not only walking – everything in my life is better. My improved over-all self confidence, and ability to handle what comes my way, has been life-changing. I’m so grateful – so glad I took the chance to work with her.


      Business Owner

      For so long I had been stuck in an anxiety, fear-driven way of thinking but I felt like I was fighting a monster! Through working with Gemma I began to see and understand how these patterns were formed from a self-protection mode and the crack for letting some self-compassion was opened! Once I understood it was just one of the many parts of me, I really began to notice a shift.


        Managing Partner

        Thanks to Gemma, I am now pain-free, a feat I hadn’t achieved in months. It was truly revolutionary, demonstrating the power of her program. I highly recommend following in my footsteps and giving yourself the chance to be pain-free. You owe it to yourself to try Gemma’s incredible approach


          Screen Writer

          Thanks to Gemma’s coaching, I now have strategies in place to deal with both physical pain and the mental side of things. As a result, I am physically and mentally better, more confident, and better equipped to handle whatever comes my way. I have to say Gemma’s coaching has made a difference in almost every aspect of my life.


            Retired CEO

            I had severe and chronic back and hip ache and was considering hip replacement surgery and was having very disturbed sleep. Within 2 weeks of working with Gemma my back and hip ache had almost completely disappeared. My walking had greatly improved and my normally positive attitude had returned and I was feeling very much more positive.

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