Back in 2016, I was a full-time working mum living abroad. I never stopped and was trying to balance a million things.

I was attempting to be a Super-Mum, a Perfect-Wife and a Full-time Director of HR

Sadly, I was also in physical pain and had given up most of the sporty things I loved to do.

I was scared about my future and felt frustrated that no one could help me get rid of the pain.

I had gone round in circles of hope of recovery and then again a disappointment.

If you have chronic pain, I know you will resonate.

I discovered by accident a book by John Sarno, ‘Healing back pain’. And a lightbulb went off in my head. I knew at that moment that I could heal my back pain without surgery.

This magical approach and the very well-kept secret was called TMS or The Mind-Body Approach to Healing.

I had nothing to lose and was curious, so I made myself into a human experiment.

I learnt everything I could about the science behind pain, had the coaching I needed and journaled a lot.

Very quickly, I started to see the pain slowly getting better.

I had hope again

But, I was scared that friends and family would think I was crazy to consider such a ‘Woo Woo’ approach for such a serious physical condition.

So… I didn’t tell anyone.

I knew this was an inside job and that I needed to do the work. I also knew it could take months or years to heal. I decided that if I healed my pain, I would then come clean about how I’d done it.

I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To be honest, I also felt a bit cheated for not having been told about this approach by any of the doctors and specialists I had seen over the 10 years I had been in pain.

This gave me an added incentive to follow this new path because I wanted to prove them all wrong.

As you can imagine, I went through ups and downs. At the start, I had so many little wins and examples of how my pain was curable using the TMS or Mindbody approach, which gave me hope.

The science behind pain made sense to me, so there was no doubt in my mind I was on the right path.

After just a few months, the progress started to slow down. That is when I knew I needed to find some more joy and get back to living.

Otherwise, I would become obsessed with my human experiment and the pursuit of fixing the pain.

I also knew enough about pain to know that it would probably go when I wasn’t thinking about it.

And guess what…it did!

I still remember my first ever pain-free day.

By this point, I had been a life coach for a long time. And I wanted to pivot my business to focus on people with chronic pain.

But I was always too scared. I kept telling myself, ‘What if I can’t help someone and they don’t heal?’

When Covid happened in 2019 I suddenly realized that it wasn’t fair to keep this amazing secret approach of healing to myself. Chronic pain and long covid were on the rise. People desperately needed help.

Maybe I couldn’t help everyone. But there are so many people I could help, and they deserve to be shown a new way to heal that could work.

I wanted to be the person that put them on the path to recovery. So, I switched my coaching practice and zoomed in on stress and pain.

I very quickly had several success stories.

Including a young woman who wanted to get pregnant but who hadn’t been able to due to pain. She has just had her first baby!

And a Mum who was living on just 4 hours of sleep a night due to insomnia. After just a few sessions together, she was sleeping through the night.

Have you been suffering for too long with stress or pain?

The success stories, the relief and the gratitude from clients kept coming. This gave me the boost I needed to help more people.

I’ve always loved being a life coach but since specializing in stress and chronic pain, I’m much more connected to the people I am helping. Why? Because I’ve been there.

For me, it’s not just about the individual I’m helping. It’s about their family and friends.

It’s about kids that get their mummy or daddy back. And it’s about friends being able to have fun again without worrying about the pain.

How would your life be different if you weren’t stressed or in pain?

I help people get their life back. But the part that always surprises me is how my clients often end up being in a better place both physically and emotionally than before they had pain.

Having the chance to work with clients with stress and pain, reminds me daily how lucky I am to have saved my own life.

I get to spend time with my family and friends without having to worry constantly about the pain and my future.

Are you living with stress or chronic pain?

Trust me… You can heal and you can get your life back.

I did it… so can you

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