Doctors and other medical professionals often see patients who don’t get better with usual treatments.

Many people deal with ongoing pain issues like headaches, back and neck pain, and conditions like fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, among others. These health issues can also lead to things like chronic fatigue, sleep problems, anxiety, and depression. When usual medical approaches don’t help, it can be frustrating for both the doctor and the patient.

Sometimes, patients are wrongly told that their pain is “all in their head,” suggesting it isn’t real. But recent research tells us that’s not true. These symptoms are real and they come from something called Neural Pathway Pain.

This means that the pain and other symptoms are caused by certain pathways in the brain that have learned to react this way, often due to physical or emotional stress. These pathways control automatic behaviors like blushing or laughing, and just as we can learn these behaviors we can also learn to respond with pain.

The good news is, once doctors and patients understand this, they can often manage or even get rid of these symptoms with some straightforward methods.

This is a hopeful message for anyone dealing with these kinds of health issues!

Below, you’ll discover a curated selection of resources designed for healthcare professionals assisting patients with chronic symptoms. These materials are aimed at guiding you in offering innovative and alternative pathways toward recovery.

You will notice in the below resources that the various experts all refer to Neural Pathway Pain under different titles. Mindbody condition, TMS (tension myositis syndrome), Psychophysiologic Disorders, Neuralplastic pain etc etc etc….

The reason there are so many different titles is that because after hours of discussion, the experts can not agree on a universal term. I use Neural Pathway Pain because it’s simple, straightforward and doesn’t sound scary.

Google talk – Breakthrough with Healing Chronic Pain

Howard Schubiner, MD, is a clinician, author and researcher who has conducted ground-breaking research on a treatment plan that can resolve, rather than manage, chronic pain. This was a talk he did at Google.

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Why Things Hurt, TEDxAdelaide

Professor Lorimer Moseley – Professor of Clinical Neurosciences

A funny and short talk about why things hurt.

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The BEST WAYS To Heal Chronic Pain & Trauma WITHOUT Medication

Rangan Chatterjee is a British physician interviews Howard Schubiner, MD, a clinician, author and researcher.

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Google Talk – The Perils of Back Surgery

Orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. David Hanscom visits Google to discuss the harsh realities of spine surgery and to offer a groundbreaking new approach to solving chronic back pain.

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What is Mindbody Medicine?

John Stracks, MD Northwestern Memorial Integrative Medicine Center

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Other Resources:

SIRPA – The UK body for Mindbody Pain


PPD – Psychophysiologic Disorders Association


Flippin Pain


Pain Reprocessing Therapy

*I am a certified Pain Reprocessing Therapist. If you would like to know how I can help you or your patients please get in touch


Free Self-Assessment

This free self-assessment, titled “Is Your Pain Curable?”, reflects the preliminary evaluation I use with clients to determine if they are experiencing Neural Pathway Pain. If you refer your patients to this assessment, please ask them to mention your name when prompted.



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