In this post, I will be sharing the 4 steps to healing chronic pain, a topic that affects many people and can be frustrating to deal with.


It’s not uncommon for those experiencing pain to feel overwhelmed and hopeless, especially when medical professionals are unable to provide a clear diagnosis.


About 1 in 4 people who see a GP have physical symptoms that cannot be explained.


As a result, people often adjust their lifestyles to accommodate the pain, and it becomes their new normal.

I can relate to this experience, as my chronic back pain forced me to give up activities I loved, such as dancing and running.

I rearranged my home to make things more accessible and gave up wearing heels, all in an effort to manage my pain.


But what if I told you there’s another way to manage chronic pain, one that involves a holistic approach and a better understanding of the root causes of pain? Here are the 4 steps to healing chronic pain.


1 – Educate yourself on the root cause of pain (It’s not what you think)

Western medicine tends to focus on the physical location of pain and relies on scans and tests to identify a cause. However, chronic pain is often rooted in the brain, specifically in neural pathways that cause pain sensations. Understanding this connection can help you manage and alleviate pain more effectively.


2- Energize yourself by using your personality in the best way

Certain personality traits, such as people-pleasing or perfectionism, can contribute to chronic pain by causing stress. By recognizing and adjusting these traits, you can reduce stress levels and decrease pain sensations.


3 – Explore and process your past

Research has shown a correlation between childhood trauma and chronic pain in adults. Understanding how past experiences may be impacting your current pain can help you process and move past these triggers.


4 – Empower yourself with practical tools to calm your nervous system

Regulating the nervous system is essential to managing chronic pain. Incorporating practices that allow your nervous system to relax and reset can help you feel better and prevent pain from returning.


These four steps are the foundation of the Freedom From Pain Healing System, a program I’ve used to help clients around the world manage their pain and reclaim their lives.


If you’re struggling with chronic pain, I encourage you to take a holistic approach and consider these four steps. By doing so, you may find relief and a renewed sense of hope.


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