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What to do when you can’t sleep?

You’re tossing and turning. It’s another sleepless night. Predictably… Fear kicks in. What if I don’t sleep again? What will happen tomorrow? What if this keeps happening to me? Before long we’ve developed a fear of not sleeping which only makes matters worse.   Did you know? Some birds sleep with one eye open. Why? […]

How to use the power of mini habits to heal your pain

I realized four years ago that I needed to de-stress if I wanted to heal my pain. And this is what happened… I tried relaxing. I didn’t have time. I tried meditation. I failed. I tried to work less. I didn’t. There was always something addictive about having so much going on. So many people […]

How shame stops us from being happy

What’s wrong with your personality? “I know I shouldn’t be such a people pleaser” “Everyone tells me I have too much empathy” “I wish I were better at handling confrontation”   These are just some examples of things I often hear from clients. Are we all secretly ashamed of being ourselves? Dr Brené Brown, a […]

Why having ‘too’ much empathy is not a bad thing

“The problem is I have too much empathy…” This is something I hear all the time from clients. But is this a bad thing? What if ‘empathy’ was one of your greatest strengths? In this article we will explore what is empathy and why you should stop telling yourself (and others) that you have too […]

Stressed? Why you don’t need to fight the tiger anymore

When we feel stressed our bodies are on high alert. When I’m stressed, I feel as though I’m holding my breath, my jaw is tense, and I feel as though time is slipping away. Although everyone experiences stress differently, we are all wired to be on the lookout for danger. Why? Because million’s of years […]

How you can stop driving others crazy

When we are stressed, we crave control. The easiest way to feel in control is to default to what we do best. What feels most familiar. If you’ve have taken the Clifton Strengths assessment you know what your top 5 strengths are. The problem is when we are stressed, we may use one or two […]

6 reasons why knowing your strengths will easily help you avoid stress

As a Clifton Strengths Coach, I’ve always loved Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Assessment. But it wasn’t until I realized my on-going back pain was due to stress that I discovered the true magic and simplicity of the tool. Discovering and using my natural strengths dramatically reduced my stress levels and was a pivotal part of my […]

Who is Driving you Crazy and Why?

I don’t mind admitting that this past year has made me overly sensitive and just a bit more judgmental. Under stress, our differences seem to be exaggerated which causes more stress. So… let’s dig in and see why this is the case and what can we do about it. Look around at the people in […]