Pain Recovery

Without surgery or medication

Be Fully Present

Get back to doing the things you love

Feel Strong

Rediscover who you are at your best

Where are you now?

You’ve been from one specialist to another, seeking an end to your constant struggle.

Yet, despite your efforts, relief seems out of reach, leaving you uncertain about the future and impacting your daily life.

Are You…

  • Struggling with daily activities due to constant pain?
  • Feeling like your pain isn’t improving, no matter what you try?
  • Worrying about how your pain affects your relationships?
  • Unsure how your pain might affect your plans from day to day?
  • Feeling like others don’t really get what you’re going through?
  • Wanting to feel more like yourself and regain control over your life?

You Deserve To Be Happy And Pain Free

There’s More To Life Than Managing Pain

  • Are you fed up of living in pain?
  • Do you wish you could focus on something other than your symptoms?
  • Have you wasted enough of your time and effort on pain management?
  • Are you ready to explore a new approach to pain recovery?

Find the courage to say YES. Let’s start exploring the mind body approach to healing.

And you could be happy and pain free sooner than you think.

I Learned How To Recover From 10 Years Of Pain

Hi, I’m Gemma, and my journey has been quite the adventure.

Formerly in a demanding Senior Leadership role while navigating new motherhood and expatriate life, I battled excruciating back pain for a decade.

Countless treatments, medications, and specialists later, my world shrank as the pain grew, altering my identity and temperament.

Despite hopeful attempts at various treatments, relief remained elusive until I discovered a mind-body approach to recovery. Implementing these techniques transformed my life… I became pain-free and finally happy again.

Determined to help others, I delved into learning and gained certifications in coaching, chronic pain practices, and specialized therapies. And yes, I’m also a fan of Laughter Yoga (it’s a thing! 😄).

I empathize deeply with your journey and I’m here to guide you toward happiness and a pain-free life.

We can do this journey together.

“Thanks to Gemma, I have managed to reduce my stress level and remove body pain in just one session!”

“Not only is Gemma well-trained and professional, but she is just a lovely person. She has a rare combination of sensitivity and practicality”

“When I started working with Gemma, I couldn’t walk – due to excruciating pain in my hip. While I was well versed in mind body issues, I needed the tools to handle it.

Thanks to Gemma, I’m not only walking – everything in my life is better. My improved over-all self confidence, and ability to handle what comes my way, has been life-changing. I’m so grateful – so glad I took the chance to work with her”

“Thanks to Gemma, I am now pain-free, a feat I hadn’t achieved in months. It was truly revolutionary, demonstrating the power of her program. I highly recommend following in my footsteps and giving yourself the chance to be pain-free.

You owe it to yourself to try Gemma’s incredible approach”

“It never occurred to me that my debilitating pain was a result of psychosomatic symptoms.

I began running slowly after just a week of coaching and journaling exercises and was soon able to return to running a few days a week.

I wish I’d explored this option first rather than as a last resort”

“For so long I had been stuck in an anxiety, fear-driven way of thinking but I felt like I was fighting a monster!

Through working with Gemma I began to see and understand how these patterns were formed from a self-protection mode and the crack for letting some self-compassion was opened!

I had been so hard on myself for thinking this way and once I understood it was just one of the many parts of me, I really began to notice a shift.

Gemma is a true gem and I m ever so grateful”

Freedom From Pain Recovery System

Experience a personalized pain-free recovery journey.

Our system is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a targeted approach that focuses on what you need most.



Learn the science of pain and discover if your pain can be addressed using a mind-body approach.



Discover your unique Strengths and learn to use them to feel strong.



Discover how your past is contributing to your symptoms and what to do about it.



Learn how to live a productive and joyful life.

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